7 Tricks to Overcome the Loneliness of Working at Home

7 Tricks to Overcome the Loneliness of Working at Home

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At first, writing and working at home feels like a dream… wearing comfortable clothes, no morning commute, and choosing your own hours. But after having no company other than yourself for a while, that dream can turn into a lonely nightmare. You find yourself missing the casual chit-chat of coworkers and you start to cherish that 60-second interaction with the cashier who bags your groceries.

To save your sanity, you have to be intentional about socializing and creating a feeling of community around work while still enjoying the perks of working by yourself. Here are seven tips for overcoming the loneliness of writing at home.

Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are an easy way to fill your workspace with welcome conversation, and unlike office mates, you can always pause them when you need to.

Use social media to connect with other writers

Even when you’re at home by yourself, other writers, journalists, and freelancers are only a few clicks away. Use your favourite social networks to post writing updates and follow other writers. You can also join Facebook groups for writers and join weekly Twitter chats for writers. Just be careful with social media because we all know how easy it is to get distracted by videos of adorable panda bears wrestling each other.

Write emails to friends

Do you remember when email was still a novelty and you were actually excited to receive a new email? Bring that feeling back by using email to catch up with friends. Take a break from work and write a few paragraphs, avoiding work talk. Focus on all the other stuff happening in your life, and theirs!

Schedule phone dates with friends

Take catching up with friends up a notch by scheduling a phone date with them. While it takes more coordinating than emailing, the friendly voice and lively conversation will help fight off the loneliness of working at home by yourself.

Attend networking events

If you’re feeling bold, check out local networking events. There are usually a few events or organizations for freelancers and entrepreneurs. You’ll have to be outgoing at the event and feel comfortable meeting strangers, but it pays off when you find a new friend or client to work with.

Work at a coworking space

We all love working at our local coffee shop, but when was the last time you struck up a conversation and met someone new there? A coworking space gives you a new place to work, like-minded people to work with, and includes additional perks like coffee and table tennis.

Don’t forget about life outside of work

No matter how busy you get with writing, don’t forget to maintain a life outside of work. When you work at home, it’s surprisingly easy to go days without leaving the house. Be sure to keep up your social life with date nights, hanging out with friends, and getting together with family.