Hair & Makeup Artist Portfolio Examples

Explore this curated selection of our top Hair & Makeup Artist portfolio websites to get inspired to build your own stunning portfolio site.

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Zee Jay Tuazon

A Las Vegas based, licensed Professional Makeup Artist with 5 years of experience.

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Laurie Moulard

Freelance makeup artist based in Paris.

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Annie Bourbonnais

Makeup artist, content creator, creative director and writer based in Brazil. Graduated in Audiovisual Production and Professional Makeup, with a passion for art directing, production design and entertainment journalism.

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Emma Ollivier

French MakeUp Artist

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What should be included in an online makeup portfolio?

An online makeup portfolio should include a selection of photos that showcase your makeup skills. This can include images of models you've worked on, or before-and-after shots of your work. It's also important to include an artist statement that explains your style and approach to makeup, as well as a list of services you offer. Your contact information should also be included, so potential clients can easily get in touch.

How should I best photograph my hair or makeup work?

When photographing your work, it is important to use the best lighting possible. Natural light is often the most flattering, but you can also use a ring light or studio lights if you have them. Make sure to use neutral or white backgrounds and use a tripod to avoid any camera shake. Experiment with different angles and distances to capture the makeup work in its best light. Finally, use post-processing to adjust the contrast, saturation, and sharpness to really make what you have done stand out.

How can I promote myself as a hair or makeup artist?

You can promote yourself as a makeup artist by creating an online portfolio of your work, getting involved in makeup communities, and creating social media accounts to showcase your work. Consider offering discounts and promotional packages to help spread the word. Networking and building relationships with other professionals in the industry can also help promote your skills. Finally, take advantage of any opportunities to be featured in magazines, on television, or in other outlets to help build your portfolio and expand your reach.

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