Artist Portfolio Examples

Explore a curated selection of artist portfolio website examples for inspiration and ideas on showcasing your own creative work.

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Krystin Savov

Illustrator and Animator

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Kolibri - a futuristic universe where music and storytelling collide to create a one-of-a-kind experience. Comprised of Daniel and Till Kolibri's sonic aesthetic blends energetic bass guitar riffs, pulsing electronic …

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Ollie Payne

Ollie - They/Them - Scenic Artist/Painter - Texas State BFA 2023

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Amelie Elmquist

Animator, Editor, Screenwriter, Director, Actor, Producer, Programmer, User Interface Designer

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kunal sharad

writer, copywriter, researcher, and producer working in the social impact, nonprofit, and creative sectors.

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Isabel Mendes

With everything I do in life I hope to be passionate, and compassionate. I believe that the first step toward any kind of improvement, is caring about the people around …

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What should be included in an artist portfolio?

When creating an artist portfolio, it's important to include examples of your best work. You should include drawings, photos, paintings, sculptures, or any other type of artwork that showcases your skills. Be sure to include information about yourself, such as your artist statement, biography, and contact information. It may also be beneficial to include links to online galleries and reviews of your work. Finally, make sure the pieces you choose show off your unique style and creativity!

How many pieces should be in a professional art portfolio?

A professional art portfolio should contain between 10-20 pieces of artwork, depending on the type of art and the purpose of the portfolio. Make sure the pieces chosen best represent your skills, style, and technique. It’s important to keep the portfolio concise and organized so that the viewer can easily identify and appreciate your artwork.

What should you avoid in an online art portfolio?

You should avoid including too many pieces in your online art portfolio, as this can be overwhelming. Additionally, make sure not to include pieces that are unrelated to the style you want to show, as it can be confusing to viewers. Additionally, avoid cluttered backgrounds or design elements that can distract from your artwork.

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