Translator Portfolio Examples

See some of the best translator portfolio website examples with this curate collection and see how professionals showcase their skills and experience.

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Portafolio Alba Diaz Cosgaya

Cuando no estoy dándole a la tecla, lo más probable es que esté avanzando en la tarea de ver el catálogo completo de Netflix, HBO Max, Apple TV o Prime.

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Vanessa Leiva

Soy Vanessa Leiva, una profesional en la redacción SEO y copywriting. Escribo textos para autónomos, emprendedores y dueños de grandes negocios. También soy capaz de optimizar tu contenido, buscar las …

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Sek Han Foo

Legal Professional, Creative and Legal Writer, Editor and Translator based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Duygu Mühürdar

International Relations & Ethnomusicology graduate, Booker/Promoter, working within the Music Industry for more than 6 years in various positions as booker, programmer, promoter, live event producer, music writer and singer. …

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Siddrah Alhindi

A Muslim-American Storyteller living in NYC Studying Journalism & Film at Baruch College

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Rayji de Guia

fictionist, poet, & illustrator

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What is the best way to display translations on a portfolio?

It is normally best to showcase the original document alongside the translated version. This will demonstrate the accuracy and quality of the translation, as well as the skill of the translator. It is also important to include some additional information, such as the type of document, the languages, and the timeline for the project.

Should I list what I charge for translation on my portfolio?

It is up to you to decide whether or not to include what you charge for translation on your site. It could be beneficial to include this information as potential clients may be more likely to hire you if they know what your rates are upfront. However, listing prices on your portfolio will limit your ability to negotiate with clients.

How do you create a translation portfolio?

Creating a translation portfolio can be a great way to showcase your work and demonstrate your skills as a translator. To get started, think about what types of documents you have translated and what types you would like to include. Then, compile those translations into your portfolio, adding a brief description of each document and the language pair used. You can also talk about any relevant courses or qualifications you have, as well as client testimonials or other feedback.

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