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Week 7 Game Picks

The Week 7 slate is as loaded as ever, making for what should be one of the best weeks of the season so far. Our guest picker this week is former Baylor and current Austin Peay quarterback Neyland Jean. Jean was a two-year starter at Baylor and was a 3-star prospect coming out of high school. Let’s get into our staff’s standings and picks. 1. Hunter DeNote 39-21 T-2. Isaac Leedham 38-22 T-2. Carter Mansfield 38-22 4. Kelsey Crabtree 37-23 5. Cooper Haines 36-24 6. Guest Picker 35-25 7. Isaac Lutrell 34-26 8. Braedon Henson 32-28 Game of the Week DII-AAA #3 McCallie (4-1) at DII-AAA #2 Baylor (5-0) DeNote: Baylor Leedham: Baylor Mansfield: Baylor Crabtree: Baylor Haines: Baylor Jean: Baylor Lutrell: Baylor Henson: Baylor Other Games 2A #14 Bledsoe County (4-2) at 2A #1 Tyner Academy (6-0) DeNote: Tyner Academy Leedham: Tyner Academy Mansfield: Tyner Academy Crabtree: Bledsoe County Haines: Tyner Academy Jean: Tyner Academy Lutrell: Tyner Academy Henson: Bledsoe County 5A #12 Oak Ridge (3-2) at 5A #8 Powell (4-2) DeNote: Powell Leedham: Powell Mansfield: Powell Crabtree: Powell Haines: Powell Jean: Powell Lutrell: Powell Henson: Oak Ridge 6A #1 Oakland (5-0) at 6A #8 Blackman (5-1) DeNote: Oakland Leedham: Oakland Mansfield: Oakland Crabtree: Oakland Haines: Oakland Jean: Blackman Lutrell: Oakland Henson: Oakland 6A #12 Cane Ridge (5-1) at 6A #10 Smyrna (5-0) DeNote: Smyrna Leedham: Cane Ridge Mansfield: Cane Ridge Crabtree: Smyrna Haines: Cane Ridge Jean: Cane Ridge Lutrell: Smyrna Henson: Smyrna 5A #7 Henry County (4-2) at 5A #3 Springfield (6-0) DeNote: Springfield Leedham: Springfield Mansfield: Henry County Crabtree: Henry County Haines: Henry County Jean: Springfield Lutrell: Henry County Henson: Henry County 6A #7 Germantown (5-1) at 6A #4 Collierville (6-0) DeNote: Collierville Leedham: Germantown Mansfield: Germantown Crabtree: Collierville Haines: Germantown Jean: Germantown Lutrell: Germantown Henson: Germantown 6A #15 Bartlett (4-2) at 6A #3 Houston (5-1) DeNote: Houston Leedham: Houston Mansfield: Houston Crabtree: Houston Haines: Houston Jean: Houston Lutrell: Houston Henson: Houston DII-AAA #1 MBA (6-0) at DII-AAA #5 JP2 (5-1) DeNote: MBA Leedham: MBA Mansfield: MBA Crabtree: MBA Haines: MBA Jean: MBA Lutrell: MBA Henson: JP2 DII-AA #6 Franklin Road Academy (5-1) at DII-AA #5 CPA (3-3) DeNote: FRA Leedham: FRA Mansfield: CPA Crabtree: CPA Haines: CPA Jean: CPA Lutrell: CPA Henson: CPA
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