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Import Your Work

Import your work in seconds, no matter what format it is. Embed content from thousands of sources. Automatically import your new articles.

Import a URL

Enter the URL to an online article or portfolio item and Journo Portfolio will extract a title, publication date, image, description and publication name.

Extract details from a URL

Import a PDF

Upload a PDF and Journo Portfolio will extract a title, publication date, image and description. Ideal for showcasing work delivered in a PDF-format or offline new articles.

PDF Import process

Import an Image

Upload a JPG or PNG image and Journo Portfolio will extract a title, publication date and publish it ready for you to add further deatils. Perfect for showcasing artwork or other image-based content.

Image import process

Import Video

Import a Video URL from any video site such as YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook and Journo Portfolio will extract a title, publication date, image, description and publication name and when clicked an embedded video player will you to watching the video direct on your portfolio.

Video import process

Import Audio

Import an Audio URL from any audio-based site such as Spotify or Soundcloud and Journo Portfolio will extract a title, publication date, image, description and publication name and when clicked an embeded audio player will all you to listen to the content direct on your portfolio.

Audio file portfolio import process

Publish a Blog Post

Publish your own blog post or article where the content is published directly on your portfolio site. Use our flexible content builder to add any kind of content to your article.

Adding a blog to your portfolio

Embed Anything...

Embed anything from thousands of sources that support the oEmbed format by simply pasting in a URL. Altneratively embed custom code using a HTML block.

Embed Instagram post on your Portfolio
Embed Twitter post on your Portfolio
Embed Facebook post on your Portfolio
Embed Spotify audio on your Portfolio
Embed Vimeo video on your Portfolio
Embed Soundcloud Audio on your Portfolio
Automatically import work to your portfolio

Automatic Imports

Add your publications where you regularly publish articles and our system will automatically import your articles when they are published, extract all of the article details and add it to the right sections of your site.

This is great for keeping your portfolio up to date without you having to do anything at all.

I absolutely love Journo Portfolio. I had considered several other sites, but decided to go with Journo Portfolio and am so glad I did. It is super easy to use and looks extremely professional. I would highly recommend to anyone.
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